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Exclusive Colours

Soft Paws come in a variety of exciting new and exclusive colors and color combinations to make any cat, and cat owner, happy, healthy and stylish!

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For most of the world this is the colour associated with purity (wedding dresses); cleanliness and the safety of bright light. If you want your kitty to be plain and safe then this is a suitable option for their needs.
Ask people their favorite colour and a clear majority will say blue, no doubt they also make their cat wear blue too. Much of the world is blue (skies, seas). Seeing the color blue actually causes the cats body to produce chemicals that are calming and peaceful.
Obviously after dealing with Blue Soft Claws have to deal with it's polar opposite as pertains to gender selectivity which is Pink.

Pink is a very intimate colour for more reasons than the obvious relation to female. All of the kitties organs are pink. This is literally the most intimate color that can be used for pimping your kitty cat.

The fur-cast calls for balance of red's stimulation and blue's calm. This dichotomy can cause unrest or uneasiness unless the undertone is clearly defined, at which point the purple takes on the characteristics of its undertone. With a sense of mystic and royal qualities, purple is a colour often well liked by very clever feminine Cats. This color stimulates the cats brain activity used in problem solving.
Sleek and sophisticated! Black looks great on any cat, either as a complement to dark fur or an accent to white or multi-colored cats. We’ve tried them on an orange tabby and it's dynamite!
If your cat wants to draw attention, use red. It is often where the eye looks first. Red is the color of energy It’s associated with movement and excitement. For the kitty who said "Be Mine" and stole your heart.