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As Much as we love our pets, we can all admit that one thing we don't find endearing is the damage that they can cause by scratching your carpet, flooring and furniture. This is often a costly difficulty, and, as the behaviour is natural and instinctual, training will not always stop the problem.

When cats and dogs scratch themselves consistently, it is often an indication of a health problem so this behaviour must be taken seriously, as it may not be a minor skin condition if they are scratching profusely and perhaps biting and pulling out their fur. Consult your pet’s veterinarian to properly diagnose the condition and make sure your pet is well.

As well as your house and possessions, your pet’s claws might be damaging their own bodies. Many pets who suffer with skin conditions scratch so much that they exasserbate the original problem and create new lesions. This leaves them prone to bacterial infections and further complications.

Sometimes, even after the illness is gone, your cat or dog may continue with the scratching now that it has developed this habit. It is important to train them to stop this self-mutilating behaviour especially when some pets develop this habit to gain attention. Although the training will take time and patience, too much scratching will cause damage to your pet’s skin and may cause scarring and loss of fur.

In the meantime, use Soft Claws, a tried and tested accessory to prevent the damage caused by sharp claws to your pet’s own body as well as family members, guests and your house and furniture.

Soft Paws and Soft Claws are safe, non-toxic nail caps, which make your pets claws blunt. Not only will your pet be safe and comfortable while it learns to adjust its behaviour, but on a long-term basis, your pets will not need their claws cut, which can often be damaging, and their stretching and claw retraction will not be affected by the caps.
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