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When CAT meets SOFA
Furniture scratching is probably no.1 on the list of complaints of householders with cats. No-one wants their sofa to look like this



So potentially if you don't want your Sofa looking like the photograph's above then act now.

Soft Claws are also available for dogs and, like their feline equivalent, safeguard the furniture, family and friends, whilst allowing the pet freedom to exercise its natural instincts. When skin conditions are causing injury from hind claw scratching, Soft Claws offer immediate relief and prove themselves' an effective answer to the problem. Soft Claws are a great alternative to cat declawing or rehoming.

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Cool cats podcast - Stress-Free Veterinary Visits for Cats
AVMA's latest podcast discusses ways to keep your cat's visit to the veterinarian stress-free.

Cats are the most popular pet in the United States, outnumbering dogs 82 million to 72 million. Yet cats are only half as likely as their canine counterparts to visit the veterinarian. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that cats are better at hiding illness or injury better than dogs. Another reason is that cats can make visits to the veterinarian downright unpleasant. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this podcast, Dr. Diane Eigner, director of the Cat Doctor in Philadelphia and past-president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, talks about stress-free veterinary visits for cats.

Listen to the podcast ...
Groups call on Prime Minister for improved dog laws
The British Veterinary Association, some of the UK’s largest animal charities, law enforcement agencies and unions have today (Tuesday) jointly called on the leaders of the main political parties to work together to introduce improved and updated legislation to protect dog welfare and public safety.

The 20 groups have come together to demand action against irresponsible dog owners by the Government and the provision of necessary resources for those tasked with policing dog control laws.

It comes ahead of the summary of responses from Defra’s consultation on dog legislation which is expected this autumn. The consultation received more than 4,000 responses by the time it closed in June, indicating the scale of interest in the subject.

The statement will be sent to Prime Minister David Cameron MP, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP and acting leader of the opposition Harriet Harman MP.

The statement says: “We believe that irresponsible dog ownership, whether it is allowing dogs to stray, be dangerously out of control or indiscriminately breeding them, causes significant problems for the safety and welfare of both humans and animals. Current legislation is proving inadequate in many cases to ensure sufficient protection.

“We believe that both the provision of sufficient resources at a local level for local authorities and the police, and updated and consolidated legislation that has a genuine preventative effect, are needed to address this problem.

“We call on the coalition Government to act and bring forward legislation that addresses these areas effectively.”

BVA President Professor Bill Reilly added:

"The Government must not ignore this overwhelming call for action to protect dog welfare and public safety.

"The problems caused by dangerous dogs will never be solved until dog owners appreciate that they are responsible for the actions of their animals. The BVA believes very strongly in the principle of deed not breed - targeting dogs for their actions, not what they look like - and new legislation must tackle the actions of irresponsible pet owners that can cause dogs to become aggressive. Current legislation is not tackling irresponsible owners who increasingly put the public and other animals at risk.

"Compulsory microchipping - and an effective and workable registration system - should be put in place for all dogs, not only to reunite stray dogs with their owners, but also to help prevent puppy farming and to promote responsible ownership.

"I cannot stress too strongly that responsible ownership is the key to resolving the issue of dangerous dogs."
Launch of new science-based website CAROdog regarding dog welfare
Press Conference on 9th September: Launch of new science-based website "CAROdog" regarding dog welfare in the EU.

The event is hosted by the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, to stress the importance and priority of the topic of companion animals and responsible ownership of dogs in the EU. The launch of the CAROdog is organized by the International Animal Welfare Organization FOUR PAWS and the Istituto G. Caporale, Teramo, the initial project partners that created the website.

The CAROdog Website (Companion Animal Responsible Ownership for Dogs in Europe - is a management database containing most recent scientific and practical information regarding companion animals, including stray animals in Europe. Its objective is to provide and disseminate reliable knowledge about dog health and welfare, focusing on strategies against canine overpopulation.

The Belgian minister of Social Affairs and Public Health will open the Press Conference and the Project Partners, FOUR PAWS and Istituto G.Caporale in Teramo, will shortly present the new website. Representatives of the EU Commission and the Federation of Veterinarians Europe, also supporting the website and members of the editorial board, will also participate. Last but not least, a live demonstration of the FOUR PAWS project “Dogs for People” will take place, as an example of NGO work done with former stray dogs trained as therapy dogs. For more information on the Press Conference please see the Agenda and Invitation here below.

Please note that this event is open to all interested parties. If you wish to attend please register via email at until 6th Septemb
Cartoon of cat and dog looking happy as fireworks explode all around them

CEVA Animal Health is launching a brand new TV advertising and marketing campaign to promote its leading veterinary behaviour products, DAP® and Feliway®, in the run up to this year’s firework season.

The campaign will feature a new animated character ‘Dap the Dog’, who will join the popular ‘That Purple Cat’ in educating pet owners on the behaviours expressed by pets that are fearful of loud noises during fireworks and the benefits of using DAP® and Feliway®. The adverts will be aired throughout October on ITV2, E4, More4 and Channel 4 (London only) starting on Monday 4th October and will be seen by 11.5 million ABC1 women.

A wide range of firework marketing materials have been produced to support veterinary practices and help educate owners who have noise phobic pets. These include client leaflets, an A4 leaflet holder, waiting room display materials and a firework poster all featuring the characters from the advert. CEVA’s petfireworkfear website - - has also been updated to include the new TV advert, downloadable versions of all materials and tips on how to prepare pets for fireworks. In addition, and will feature a voucher offering pet owners a free 60ml spray when they purchase a DAP® or Feliway® diffuser from their local veterinary practice.

The support comes in light of recent research1, carried out by CEVA, that revealed 80% of pet owners have had a pet that has been afraid of fireworks, with more than half of dog owners wanting to ban them altogether because they are too upsetting for their animals.

Julia Wood, product manager at CEVA Animal Health, says: “Fireworks are the most stressful event that a pet can experience and, in most cases, owners have noticed their animals becoming visibly unsettled with 49% of dogs shaking1 and 65% of cats hiding1. The new TV advertising campaign and marketing support will educate pet owners on behaviours expressed by pets with a fear of loud noises and the importance of taking proactive action by using DAP® and Feliway®.”

CEVA will be running its annual firework display competition amongst veterinary practices throughout October for the best decorated waiting room. For further information on CEVA’s firework campaign or its marketing support, please contact your local CEVA territory manager or call CEVA Animal Health on 01494 781510.

¹ Survey carried out by Opinion Matters on behalf of Ceva Animal Health, June 2010. Sample size: 1,182.

Shell Rot, Shell Damage and dog attacks in Chelonia - 24th Oct
Why not come along and learn more about tortoises, terrapins and turtles.
Meet people with similar interests in a friendly and relaxed environment. Listen to talks, exchange ideas and get friendly advice on every aspect of tortoise keeping. All ages welcome.
Meeting at Keston Village Hall, Heathfield Rd, Keston BR2 6BG

Sunday 24th October at 2pm

From 2pm - 5pm.
£3 per meeting (children £1)


Mark Rowland BVSc CertZooMed MRCVS. Vet from Trinity Practice, Maidstone

(Please do not bring tortoises, terrapins or turtles along to the meeting)
Veterinary haematology analyser provides results in 60 seconds

HORIBA Medical
is now the new official exclusive UK distributor of the fully automated Vet abc Plus+ veterinary haematology analyser from scil animal care company GmbH, Germany. Easy and simple to use for reliable and precise haematology results, the compact Vet abc Plus+ provides a complete blood count (CBC), including 4-part white blood cell (WBC) differential, in only 60 seconds.

Easy to operate, the Vet abc Plus+ provides cost-efficient results from only 10 µl of EDTA whole blood in just three steps via the touchscreen interface.

The software of the Vet abc Plus+ provides pre-installed settings to analyse samples from dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, mice, rats, cattle, pigs and sheep. For dogs, cats and horses, the Vet abc Plus+ provides a 4-part WBC differential blood count, including a differentiation of the leucocytes to identify lymphocytes, monocytes, granulocytes and eosinophils. Results are available in just 60 seconds on screen or can be automatically printed out and transferred to the practice information system or clinical notes. For ease-of-use, the Vet abc Plus+ also incorporates a self-contained reagent and waste system which provides a clean operation whilst being easy to replenish.

Borne from an existing manufacturing partnership, scil and HORIBA Medical already have over 6000 veterinary haematology analysers placed globally. The new UK distribution agreement enables UK veterinary professionals to not only procure the Vet abc Plus+ analyser, but also receive expert service and support directly from the manufacturer HORIBA Medical and its team of UK specialists.
VRCC Imaginative CPD Evening and their New Website

VRCC’s imaginative Autumn CPD event is “All you need to know about....but were afraid to ask!”

Rather than sit Veterinary Surgeons down and lecture them for several hours at the end of a hard day VRCC, the Essex based Referral Centre is hosting a dinner where delegates can relax and informally question and discuss current issues and developments with the VRCC Specialist Team.

VRCC are not charging for Dinner or Drinks, just requesting a small donation to a local animal charity, with the expectation that more open and frank discussions can take place around the dinner table. Oncology, Surgery, Medicine, Cardiology, Anaesthesia and Diagnostic Imaging Specialists will be hosting tables who will switch places during the evening.

The Holiday Inn, which is conveniently, situated at Junction 28 M25 where it meets the A12. Is the venue, 7.30. For 8.00. On Tuesday 21st September. Full details on


Also from VRCC is their new website which went live on 23rd August and has already attracted considerable interest from clients and Vets alike. The site follows the VRCC theme “The gift of tomorrow...” which captures exactly the goal the VRCC Team has set themselves.
Check it out.
74,700 Bags Of Possibly Salmonella Tainted Beef Treats For Dogs R

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced that The Hartz Mountain Corporation has voluntarily recalled 74,800 8-ounce bags of Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats for Dogs which may be tained with Salmonella. Infection with salmonella, known as salmonellosis, can affect pets, such as dogs and cats, as well as humans - it is caused by Salmonella bacteria. Pets may develop gastroenteritis, spontaneous abortions, and septicemia. It is a zoonotic disease; it can be transmitted from the dog to a human.

If an infected dog has symptoms, they may include
fever, lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, anorexia (lack of appetite), weight loss, dehydration, mucus in feces, elevated heart rate, swollen lymph nodes, abnormal vaginal discharge in bitches, and skin disorders.

If your dog exhibits any of these signs and symptoms you should take it to a veterinarian immediately.

The FDA informs that Hartz is cooperating fully with the authorities in this voluntary recall.

The 74,700 8-ounce bags of Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats for Dogs, have:
  • Lot code BZ0969101E
  • UPC number 32700-11519
The dog food was imported from Bertin S.A., Brazil, and bags were distributed to various customers in the USA.

Regular Salmonella testing revealed the bacterium's presence in the USA, but not in Brazil, the FDA informs. According to the Agency, "Hartz is aggressively investigating the source of the problem."

So far, neither the FDA nor Hartz have received any reports of animal or human infections or illnesses linked to the mentioned dog food. Hartz says it has taken immediate steps to get the product off the shelves of retail outlets and distribution centers.

If you have purchased Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats for Dogs, you should check the lot code on the bag, if you identify the above-mentioned lot code, or if the lot code is not legible, you should get rid of the product "in a proper manner" and not give it to your pet.

If any dog owner has questions regarding this matter, they may contact Hartz at 1-800-275-1414 at any time.

Source: FDA

Written by Christian Nordqvist
Copyright: Medical News Today

Government to consult on badger cull to tackle TB
Author: BVA
Posted: Tuesday 7th September, 2010

Responding to media reports that the Government will consult on a cull of badgers in areas worst affected by bovine Tuberculosis (TB), Professor Bill Reilly, President of the British Veterinary Association, said:

"Reports that the Government wishes to move forward with a badger cull to tackle the spread of bovine TB in England are very welcome. The BVA has been championing the need to tackle the spread of the disease in wildlife for some time and we are delighted that the Government has listened to these calls.

"Bovine TB is a devastating disease in many parts of the UK and action must be taken to halt the spread.

"The BVA will consider the proposals in the consultation carefully, including any detailed information on how a cull will be managed. It absolutely must be humane, targeted in the right places and well managed.

"Whatever the Government proposes must be part of a package of measures to control the disease including controls in both cattle and wildlife."